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Your Guide to Luxury Home Insurance

While many homes can be sufficiently covered by standard homeowners’ insurance, there are other homes that need a much larger policy. A luxury home, for example, may have amenities that would cost much more than what would be found in other homes. It’s important to have the right policy, the right agent, and also a reputable carrier who will be

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Every Home Insurance Concern That’s Not a Concern

Besides the five basic coverage of typical home insurance, there are many essential facts related to it. There are other kinds of coverage you may or may not know about. Although it is slightly difficult to always clearly understand what a policy covers, most home insurance concerns are usually about things the insurance covers. Below are some home insurance concerns

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4 Ways the Holidays Can Impact Your Homeowners’ Insurance

Home is where most people have their best holiday memories. Being home for the holidays can also impact other areas of your life. Homeowners sometimes forget the holiday effect on insurance coverage. For some, nothing changes at all. However, there are times when the holiday can bring some very unexpected, and sometimes, unwanted changes. Some such unexpected changes are discussed

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Will My Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover Debris Removal?

Your homeowners’ insurance should pay for fire damage, but you may wonder if this basic coverage includes cleaning up debris from the fire before rebuilding. The answer is complex because depending on the policy, it might cover a certain amount of debris removal, but probably not all. Here’s a deeper look at how insurers view fire debris removal claims. Debris

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What You Need to Know About Changing Homeowners Insurance Companies

Changing your homeowners insurance companies makes sense in various scenarios. Maybe you’re looking to get better premium rates or a discount, or even to improve your coverage after upgrading your property. You can also be in the market for a new homeowners insurance policy when buying a home. Here’s what you need to know about changing your home insurance company.

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What You Must Know About Jewelry Insurance

The value of expensive jewelry often goes beyond its monetary value to encompass both monetary and sentimental value. This is especially true if it represents special moments or special people in your life. As such, it is important to take the necessary measures to protect your jewelry from damage, theft, or loss. It is worth noting that jewelry accounts for

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High-Value Home Insurance: Get the Best Protection

Whether you were born into a wealthy family or you built your success from the ground up, you may have invested a great deal of your fortune into your home. After all, your home is where your family grows, where fond memories are made, and where you house your valuable belongings. However, you may have quickly found that such a

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