High-Value Home Insurance: Get the Best Protection

Whether you were born into a wealthy family or you built your success from the ground up, you may have invested a great deal of your fortune into your home. After all, your home is where your family grows, where fond memories are made, and where you house your valuable belongings. However, you may have quickly found that such a prestigious home doesn’t deserve a standard home insurance policy that doesn’t quite meet your needs. You deserve a specialized policy that is designed to cover your investments, which is why you need high-value home insurance in Houston, TX.


High-Value Home Insurance Coverage


What is high-value home insurance?


High-value home insurance is insurance that provides all the covered offered by a standard home insurance policy, but it goes above and beyond to protect your unique risks. Coverage limits in each category tend to be much higher than in traditional home policies, which makes this type of coverage ideal for individuals with luxury estates.


Your high-value home may be completely different from the high-value home down the road. Your individual house, belongings, and estate will demand different coverage that cannot be given as a one-size-fits-all policy. This is why it’s so important to work with a qualified insurer who knows how to adequately safeguard a high-value home and its contents.


Why is traditional home insurance not enough?


High-net-worth households are defined as those with at least $100,000 in net worth, not including the primary residence. A high-value home naturally comes with a higher price tag and, with it, a requirement of more money to rebuild it if an accident were to occur. With a larger and more expensive building to insure, you need more coverage, which is where a traditional policy may fall shore.


What’s more, traditional home insurance policies typically place caps of $1,000 to $2,000 each on coverage for high-value items such as silver, fine art, and jewelry. Homeowners policies also often limit the cap on contents coverage at 50% to 70% of your home’s value, which is usually not enough for high-wealth individuals and collectors.


How is high-value home insurance different?


High-value home insurance addresses the issue of coverage needs that extend beyond coverage caps locked on to numerous categories by traditional home insurance policies. With a high-value home policy, you do not need to purchase separate endorsements or insurance riders. If you have high-value items such as jewelry, coin collections, musical equipment, golf equipment, and fine art, you want the peace of mind that these coverages are wrapped up in one neat policy.


If you have staff for cooking, cleaning, and landscaping, you need high-value home insurance to protect against theft as well as any liability issues that occur. Expensive items are also more attractive to burglars, which puts high-value homeowners at risk of loss due to theft.


Coverage options for high-value home insurance


Because high-value home insurance providers understand that your unique needs extend beyond traditional policies, there are several options to choose from in order to create complete coverage. A few coverages include:

  • Excess liability and umbrella insurance
  • Liability insurance for domestic help
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance
  • Coverage for a vacation home
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Medical coverage for pets


If you have a high-value home, be sure to secure the right insurance for it. Talk to the professionals at J. Archer Insurance Group to find out how we can make finding and maintaining the right insurance quick and easy. As an independent insurance agency, we have access to a range of carriers to ensure that you get the right policy for your family and needs. Serving Houston, Texas and beyond, contact us today.

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