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J. Archer Insurance Group is a full service insurance, risk management and consulting firm with proven industry success, precise and customized risk-management solutions, and protection provided by industry-leading carriers and best in class consultants. Whether you are an affluent individual with high value home and luxury auto needs, or a fortune 500 company that values qualified diversity partners with leading risk management expertise, we are your single source solution.

Proven Industry Success

Understanding our client’s business, their industry and their individual needs is our top priority. J. Archer Insurance Group is comprised of two primary divisions: commercial (Archer Commercial Insurance Group); and personal insurance for high net worth and affluent individuals (J. Archer Insurance Services).  Archer Commercial’s strong market relationships, advanced technology and comprehensive risk management program, allow us to service clients ranging from budding entrepreneurs entering the marketplace to media moguls with global brands.

Another primary focus of our company is our private client group (J. Archer Insurance Services) which provides comprehensive insurance services for affluent and high net worth individuals. Whether it is insuring their ability to maintain their lifestyle or care for their families beyond their current profession or protecting additional businesses, personal assets or reputation, our agency customizes risk management solutions to provide them with peace of mind. Our clients benefit from our focus and dedication to their specific industry and lifestyle and rely on our advocacy as their trusted advisors.

Precise Risk-Management Standards

Archer Commercial’s unique consultative approach along with our industry expertise and resources, allow us to deliver timely, cost effective, and tailored insurance solutions. Through our in-depth analysis and understanding of our client’s unique risks, we are able to identify solutions to help avoid, manage and mitigate those risks. Our clients are able to make confident and informed decisions that ultimately promote their individual or corporate financial goals being met. Hands-on customer service, uncompromising standards and a consultative approach to educating our clients about the insurance process, has made Archer Commercial a model for what any insured should expect from their insurance agency.

Protection by Industry-Leading Carriers

Our clients enjoy the confidence achieved by protecting their assets with industry-leading insurance carriers and proven risk-management programs. The diversity and financial strength of our carriers ensure that our clients are provided solid insurance solutions. Further, they are able to address and adapt to the complexities and challenges of the lifestyles and industries in which our clients operate. Each of our carriers have an extensive proven record for delivering the largest breadth of coverage and factoring current and future changes that affect our client’s needs or operations -no matter how large or small. Our dedication and promise to each is the same. As an independent agency, our clients have no shortage of alternatives when it comes to insurance carriers and the unique opportunities presented by each of them. Archer Commercial is dedicated to finding the right carrier, with the most expansive coverage for our clients’ unique risks, and at the best value the market offers.

The J. Archer Advantage

Not only do we have in-house best in class consultants and expertise, we have the unique advantage of having certified partnerships with the largest brokers in the world. As an Arthur J. Gallagher Connect Partner, AON Cornerstone and Willis Towers Watson Partner, our clients have complete access to leading risk management and employee benefits expertise as well as unmatched resources.

The J. Archer Way

Community and genuine relationships have been the cornerstones of our growth and overall success. We know small business, because it’s where we started. We have built our business with family in mind, which is the reason why so many of our clients trust that we will provide insurance solutions that will protect theirs.

Our firm’s success can be attributed to our core philosophy rooted in “The J. Archer Way,” 10 tenants innately ingrained in and carried out by our people. The tenants of the J. Archer Way are all based on a genuine care for helping others and our community.

  1. Above all, our clients needs are placed before our own
  2.  Our goal is to provide leading risk management expertise, superior insurance products, delivered with the highest ethical standards and an unparalleled customer experience
  3. We are always prepared. It is the only way we can anticipate the needs of our clients
  4. We value and learn from diverse perspectives and opinions
  5.  We take responsibility and seek growth opportunities – the goal is to improve and add value with each encounter
  1. We aim to make each team member feel completely supported
  2. We belong to a single community and we intend to leave it better than we found it
  3. We aim to educate each client in the simplest way. Our philosophy is that If we cannot explain it simply, we do not understand the subject well enough
  4. Our philosophy is to treat everyone with compassion & respect
  5. Our business is built on genuine connections and relationships, that understanding must guide all our interactions

If You Value It, We Can Insure It, Anywhere In The World

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