What Is Private Client Insurance & Why Do You Need It?

Most people can get by with traditional forms of insurance when it comes to protecting their belongings. However, once you start collecting costly items or large collections that are extremely valuable, things begin to get complicated. When the value of your possessions exceeds the limits of your policy, you need to buy some additional coverage, without which you may not be adequately compensated for the loss of your possessions.

What Is Private Client Insurance?

Private client insurance is required to cover a large number of possessions that hold much greater value than the others. With private client insurance, you will receive comprehensive coverage for your possessions and protection from liability claims. These policies cover high-dollar items for their full value and also provide much higher liability limits. This way, you can have the coverage you need without worrying about policy limits or caps.

Unique Packaging

With private client insurance, all of your assets are insured through one carrier. By having one carrier cover everything, you will only pay one insurance premium. It also means less confusion. The seamless integration of all of your policies means that everything is in one place, including your auto, collectibles, home, boat, liability, and motorcycle policies. If one policy is maxed out, another will pay for the excess. With one company providing all of your coverage, all of your policies are bundled into one.

What Is Included in a Private Client Insurance Policy?

In addition to the benefits you will receive when your policies are all rolled into one convenient package, there is also the guarantee of personalized service. A private client insurance policy is generally handled by an agent who specializes in this type of coverage. They are well-versed in dealing with high-end items and the types of policies you will need to cover them sufficiently. Working with your agent will help you gain control of your insurance policies and allow you to manage your assets effectively.

You will no longer be working with a ‘mass market’ carrier. Instead, you will be dealing with a carrier specializing in high-dollar items and the unique risks associated with them. Since you are working with an exclusive carrier, you will be able to control how your items are insured and any other decisions related to them. This type of insurance will also be helpful if you are involved in a lawsuit or impacted by a natural disaster. In addition, the higher coverage limits will afford you more protection than a traditional policy.

If you are considering purchasing a private client policy, your first call should be to the experts. At J. Archer Insurance Group, each agent has the training and know-how to help you get the policy you need to be sufficiently covered. Contact us today to get started on your own custom-tailored policy.



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