Understanding Common Exclusions in General Liability Insurance

Exploring the realm of General Liability Insurance extends beyond understanding what’s covered; it involves mastering the complexities of what’s left out. In this blog, we’ll unravel the frequently disregarded facet of typical exclusions, illuminating the zones where your policy might leave you vulnerable. From deliberate actions to contractual obligations, we’ll dissect the intricate details to equip you with knowledge that bolsters your business’s protection strategy. Read on to sharpen your risk awareness and ensure that your General Liability Insurance remains robust, guarding against potential gaps in coverage.

Intentional Damage

Within the umbrella of general liability insurance, a crucial distinction exists—coverage for accidental damage versus intentional acts. While this insurance diligently shields your business from unintentional harm to others’ property, it staunchly excludes intentional acts. Should a scenario unfold where you or an employee, driven by a momentary lapse of temper, intentionally cause damage, your financial responsibility rests squarely. It underscores the paramount need for emotional control in the workplace, emphasizing the significant role your emotions play in the scope of insurance coverage. Managing emotions becomes a professional and financial imperative, ensuring the comprehensive protection of your business assets.


General liability insurance is designed to cover you if one of your customers sustains an injury while visiting your property or trying your products. Your employees are not protected if they are injured on the job. You are responsible for covering your employees through Workers’ Compensation. General liability coverage does not protect you from financial responsibilities if your employees are injured on the job.

Professional Mistakes

General liability insurance does not cover any negligence on the job. It’s recommended that you purchase professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance covers your legal fees if a client pursues legal action because you did poor work. General liability insurance coverage protects your business if you make an accidental mistake. That is different from negligence. Learning the difference is vital to avoid being on the hook financially.

Internal Damages

While the protective shield of general liability insurance covers instances where your business inadvertently causes harm to someone else’s property, a notable exclusion comes into play concerning internal damages. This policy, crafted to safeguard against external liabilities, does not cover damage incurred to your property. In the event of internal mishaps, whether due to unforeseen accidents or operational issues, the financial responsibility for repair or replacement falls on your business. A proactive approach is essential to address this gap—researching and securing alternative coverage tailored to shield your business from the potential financial ramifications of internal damages becomes imperative.

Learn about Potential Policy Exclusions with J. Archer Insurance Group

It’s essential to learn about potential policy exclusions to avoid gaps. Gaps could leave your entire business vulnerable if you don’t have a lot of financial resources. If you have any questions about your coverage, consult our team of professionals at J. Archer Insurance Group so we can help you find the coverage you need. Contact us today to get started.

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