Common Myths About Auto Insurance

As with anything in life, there are many myths surrounding auto insurance in Texas and what it does and does not cover. Even though the internet is only a click of a button away, it can be difficult to weed out fact from fiction. To help, we’ve narrowed down a few common myths about car insurance and the truth behind them.

Misconceptions About Car Insurance Coverage

Myth: You pay more for car insurance as you age.

Truth: As we age, it’s natural to experience more health problems. This has led to people believing that auto insurance rates increase as we grow old. However, the older we get, the more experienced drivers we become. Some companies will consider experience when determining auto insurance rates, which means that age works in our favor to keep costs low.

Myth: Car insurance only covers accidents.

Truth: Apart from accidents, car insurance also covers losses caused by events out of your control. This includes damage from non-collision events such as hail, lightning, theft, vandalism, and more.

Myth: I don’t need to insure my car if I don’t drive it.

Truth: Whether you drive your car every day or every other month, it needs insurance protection. Even if your vehicle is registered as off the road, auto insurance helps to protect your vehicle if it gets damaged or is stolen.

Finding and securing your auto insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. To get started on your car insurance coverage in Houston, Texas, or beyond, contact the experts at J. Archer Insurance Group. We are ready to get you covered.

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