Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid While Filing Insurance Claims

No matter how careful your business can be, accidents happen. If the worst does occur, it’s worth knowing how to file a business insurance claim that will get your finances back on their feet as soon as possible. It’s also worth knowing the common mistakes business owners make when filing Texas business insurance claims so that you can avoid doing so.

Mistakes to Avoid When Claiming on Commercial Insurance

  • Mistake: Not contacting the insurer immediately

    Many business owners make the mistake of clearing up the damage before an insurance representative visits the business. Although they think they are helping, they are just creating confusion about how bad things really were, and they may find that they aren’t adequately compensated. In a disaster situation, many insurers respond quickly to claims, so hold off before making repairs or clearing away the accident scene.

  • Mistake: Not documenting the damage

    Whenever an accident occurs, it’s best to get down everything you can remember on paper as soon as possible. Before making repairs or removing equipment to a new location, take photographs and videos of the damage. Without documenting the damage, you could be short-changing your business.

  • Mistake: Not reading through the policy

    It’s common for business owners to believe that since they have a commercial insurance policy, they have protection from every natural disaster, flooding, and more. Reading through your policy will help you to understand what is and is not covered – and how you can fill in those gaps. Ideally, this should be done well before a disaster occurs.

Now that you know the common mistakes business owners make when filing claims, you can take precautions to prevent them. As always, the best way to avoid claims altogether is to abide by laws, promote a healthy and safe working environment, and conducting regular check-ups around your business. A little preparation now can serve your business well in the future. When accidents do happen, because we’re all human, after all, your insurance can be there for you and pick up the pieces.

The right business insurance policy should address your risks while staying in line with your budget. At J. Archer Insurance Group, our experts help you find the best coverage for your needs. Serving Houston, Texas and beyond, contact us today.

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