Does Your Health Insurance Cover Past Medical Bills?

The reason it’s a good idea to buy health insurance is that a minimal monthly payment covers a wide variety of medical services. Without health coverage, you could end up owing a fortune when you need medical help. Here are essential points to know about health insurance.

Health Insurance Begins on the Effective Date

A health insurance plan takes effect on the stated effective date, as coverage becomes available at that time. New hires at a company will have effective dates at the end of their eligibility waiting periods. Signing up during open enrollment usually means your effective date is January 1, but you still need to verify it with your employer.

Many people get their health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, in which they learn effective dates when signing up. If you have a health policy that hasn’t gone into effect yet, it’s usually a good idea to postpone medical services that are not a matter of urgency.

Can Health Insurance Be Backdated?

Backdating of health insurance depends on your employer’s policy. It’s possible your employer will give you a 30-day grace period following your effective date to enroll in the group plan. In such a case, the company backdates your health coverage to the original effective date. You may have to pay an extra fee for this service.

Health Insurance Covers You During the Plan Year

A plan year reflects the term of your health insurance policy. For those whose effective date is January 1, a plan year is the same as a calendar year.

The Date of Service Has to Match the Plan Year

Medical services are only available during the plan year, which determines the date of service on which medical assistance is provided. In other words, the date of service and the plan year must be the same. Otherwise, a claim will be denied.

How Far Back Does Health Insurance Cover?

Health insurance professionals advise that you file a health insurance claim as soon as possible, but certainly within a year of the incident. As long as the incident is within the date of service, it’s advantageous to file a claim, even if you think it may be Denied.

Will My New Insurance Cover an Old Medical Bill?

At the end of the plan year, medical bills dated prior to the coverage effective date will cease to be covered by the new plan. You will need to review the old plan if you choose to file a claim.

Medical Bills After Your Health Insurance Terminate

Once a policy ends on its termination date, it will not pay for any medical services with a later date of service.

Cobra 60-day Loophole

After you terminate an employer health plan, you will have 60 days to enroll in Cobra, which is a plan for employees who lose health benefits. It can extend group plans for those who qualify.

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