A Beginner Driver’s Guide to Obtaining a License

Learning how to drive is an exciting time in every teenager’s life. Use this guide as a reference if you have begun practicing to obtain your driver’s license.

Getting Started

It’s recommended that you start studying all of the state driving laws to help prepare for obtaining your learner’s permit. Ask for a copy of the local driving manual. Learn about the requirements for getting your license, penalties that may result in suspension, vehicle safety, road rules for parking, road signs, vehicle ownership, and finding auto insurance in Houston, TX.

Applying for a Permit

You can fill out an online application and schedule a time to take the test to apply for your learner’s permit. Be aware that you will also be asked to pay a fee and provide identification proof. In addition, you will be asked to complete a multiple-choice test where if you answer enough questions correctly, you will obtain your permit. It is always comforting to have a parent or guardian present when you take the test.


Once you have obtained your permit, you can start driving and learn the road conditions. You need to have a licensed driver aged over 18 with you while you operate a vehicle. There’s also a chance you may be restricted from driving at night. It’s important to learn about potential restrictions to avoid delaying the process of obtaining your actual driver’s license. Taking a driver’s education course allows you to receive your license before turning 18.

Taking the Test

Once you have accumulated enough hours of driving practice, you can schedule your road test. You’ll need a sponsor that has authorized you to use their vehicle for the test. During the test, the instructor will tell you where to drive. If you fail the test, you’ll have to wait a few weeks to try again. It’s recommended that you only schedule the test once you clearly understand driving rules and you’ve practiced for several months.

Driving Safely

Once you’ve passed the test, you’ll receive an official license from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Now is the time to start searching for insurance. Insurance rates for first-time drivers are high because inexperienced drivers are likely to make mistakes on the road. As you develop a track record of safe driving, your insurance premiums will decline.

Consult with J. Archer Insurance Group

Securing your driver’s license is a great milestone to achieve, and this guide should help you prepare for the process and prevent future complications. Contact our insurance experts at J. Archer Insurance Group for any questions regarding purchasing or renewing your auto insurance coverage.

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