General Liability Insurance IN HOUSTON, TEXAS

Commercial General Liability Insurance in Houston, TX

While you may have proactive measures in place, your business will never eliminate the potential for liability risks. It is an inherent part of operating a business. Whether it’s a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled customer or a claim from an guest who was injured on your property, the threat of a major liability suit is constant. In this litigious world, it is essential for businesses to take out commercial general liability insurance in Houston, TX to protect your assets and business when you need help the most.

Why you need commercial general liability insurance in Texas?

Commercial general liability insurance is one of the essential types of coverage that all businesses should have. Even if you think that your business has a very slim risk of being held accountable for bodily injury or property damage, you still need to take out insurance.

If you are unsure of whether you need to take out such a policy, consider what would happen to your business if an accident were to occur. For instance, imagine that a customer managed to fall and injure themselves while walking into your business. This would likely turn into a major liability claim and it’s possible that your business would be held liable for the injured customer’s medical fees. If their medical treatment was extensive and ongoing, then this could siphon money out of your business’s profits. For many businesses without coverage, this situation would sink their finances and could even force their business’s doors to close for good.

What does contract liability insurance cover?

If your business is hit with a liability claim, then your commercial general liability insurance will cover the costs of your legal defense and will cover the cost of the damages if your business is found liable.

Commercial general liability insurance provides coverage for you, your business, and your employees when faced with claims involving bodily injury or property damage to a third-party. Generally, this type of policy will cover the cost of a claims investigation, attorney/legal fees, settlement expenses, medical costs, and repair costs. Keep in mind that these policies do have coverage limits.

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