Commercial Property Insurance IN HOUSTON, TEXAS

Get Quality Coverage to Protect Your Company’s Physical Assets

Your business will have physical assets, from computers, equipment, furniture, and inventory. They need to be protected from unexpected incidents, otherwise, your business may experience interruption and extensive damage or loss. To protect your business’s assets from unprecedented situations, we offer commercial property insurance in Houston, TX. Our commercial or business property insurance protects your business against asset loss or damage caused by vandalism, storm, theft, fire, wind, and other natural disasters.

Why Do You Need Commercial Property Insurance?

Having quality protection for your building and its contents is important if you want to avoid expensive repairs and replacements. Commercial property insurance will help your business recover quickly if an unforeseen accident or natural disaster strikes. If you do not carry property insurance, you will need to pay out of pocket for the damages and losses caused, which can be expensive and difficult, especially for start-ups.

Business property insurance is useful for companies that:

  • Lease, rent, or own a commercial building or office space
  • Handle property that belongs to others
  • Have valuable assets
  • Manage inventory
  • Manufacture products

Buy business property insurance in Houston and safeguard the precious assets you own.

What Do We Offer?

Our commercial property insurance covers:

  • Buildings
    Our policy covers offices or buildings that you own, rent, or lease. Also, it covers exterior structures such as outdoor signs, fences, and landscaping.
  • Contents
    Our property insurance covers the contents in and around your building, such as tools, equipment, computers, furniture, and inventory. It also covers the business equipment you lease and important documents and billing records that you store in paper format.
  • Others’ Property
    Our property insurance can cover the loss or damage caused to others’ property that you are legally liable for under a covered peril.

How Does Our Commercial Property Insurance Help?

A few situations that our property insurance can cover include:

  • Replacement or Repair
    We cover the repair or replacement cost of assets that are stolen, lost, or damaged as a result of fire, hail, tornado, storm, vandalism, or theft.
  • Temporary Location
    We provide funds to rent or lease a temporary location if your primary building is being repaired after a covered loss or damage such as fire, vandalism, or storm.
  • Lost Income
    We provide coverage for lost income and recovery expenses if you are unable to operate your business after a disaster.

Contact us today or visit our office if you are looking for the best commercial property insurance near you. We customize your commercial property insurance policy to meet your specific coverage needs.

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