Understanding the Human Impact on Wildfires and Climate Change's Role in Fire Intensity

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Wildfires are primarily caused by human activities, with approximately 85% of wildfires in the US and half of Canada's fires this year being started by humans, either intentionally or accidentally.

While human actions ignite wildfires, the intensity and severity of these fires are influenced by climate change-induced conditions such as heatwaves and drought.

Climate change has the potential to significantly increase the extent of wildfires, with Canada's natural resources agency warning of a potential doubling of burned areas by the end of the century.

Drought and invasive insects contribute to the buildup of fuel for forest fires, as damaged and dead trees, along with brush, create additional flammable material in the forests.

Although wildfires are part of the Earth's natural cycles, human-induced climate change exacerbates the conditions that make wildfires more intense and destructive, underscoring the need to address climate change to mitigate the risk of devastating wildfires.

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