Asset Protection For High-Net-Worth Individuals

Deposit Insurance:  The government provides deposit insurance through the FDIC, guaranteeing the safety of your money deposited in insured banks up to $250,000 per account.

Securities Insurance:  SIPC offers securities insurance, protecting your invested assets, including cash and securities, in insured brokerage agencies. It covers losses due to brokerage collapse or theft up to $500,000.

Personal Insurance:  In addition to securing your bank accounts and investments, it's essential to have sufficient liability coverage. This includes private liability insurance, umbrella insurance, professional liability insurance, business owner's policy, and directors and officers insurance

Liability Coverage:  Personal liability insurance safeguards high-net-worth individuals against expensive lawsuits, while umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage beyond primary policies.

Business Insurance:  Professional liability insurance, business owner's policy, and directors' and officers' insurance are crucial for protecting businesses from liabilities and risks associated with their operations and leadership.

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